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#Women2030 Empowerment and Transformation is an initiative by Smartly, in which SDG 5 works as a bridge and facilitator to open agendas and establish positions, challenges and conquests. We are Women promoting Women to achieve a sustainable career development.

Women of all ages and from various parts of the world honor us with their participation to take action on how we can build a more equitable world. From different parts of the world, women realize that inequality is a reality we have in common: our local challenges are global, and with that in mind, our local solutions, our mutual empowerment transcend spaces and become global solutions.



At Smartly, we believe that urban mobility, safety, and sustainability must start from the premise that Sustainable Mobility: Saves Lives. We believe that it is systemic and requires the active participation of civil society, the private sector, the State, and the media, turning them into a virtuous circle.



There is no sustainable production without sustainable consumption. At Smartly, we recognize the challenge in fashion production and the challenges/difficulties that sustainability brings along. Cognizant of these, we work on public policies and legislations that empower sustainability in a relational field of innovation and sustainable production to mitigate the risk of climate change.


#Global governance and #Leadership2030

For governance to be successful at all levels, it has to identify the SDGs in its public policies and must have leaders who inspire and lead with passion, to transform reality, foster creativity and innovation. At Smartly, we consider it important to awaken those talents and provide them with the tools so that they can motivate their community, and carry forward their proposals.



Smartly Youth is a space to enhance your talents, projects, and ideas! We seek to transform the world together with you and empower you in your innovative actions, so that no one is left behind.


Culture of Peace Managers Program

We are allies of the UNESCO Chairs of Culture and Education for Peace of the Private Technical University of Loja (Ecuador). In these meetings the youth networks participate for peace at a country level: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. More information


Resilient Youth Festival

We encourage young people to build Resilience, as a tool of life, through the experience of artistic creation.

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Spot - 40 segundos por la vida

Spot - Ser Resiliente 2

#DoSomething4Peace Campaign

In the 21st century, humanity is in crisis, due to an escalation of unusual violence that requires all of our will and potential to reorganize ourselves around an integrated and respectful coexistence between ourselves and the environment. Attentive to this reality, we have created #DoSomething4Peace, a campaign for world peace, as a plea for the greatest humanitarian crisis of the last 70 years: refugees. Enriched by this experience - and after the overwhelming impact of the actions implemented on social networks -, #DoSomething4Peace has become a purpose for daily action, offering alternatives to the challenges that arise, from a concrete, localized, and sustainable action.

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