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Smartly Social Entrepreneurship in SDG was launched as an unprecedented global initiative of the Local Parliaments Network on the SDGs*. It has two international nominations: The Napolitan Victory Awards in the category of Political Innovation of the year (2018 and 2019).
The Local Parliaments Network on the SDGs is inspired by SDG 16 and SDG 17 and aims to enable Local Parliaments incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals when legislating for their community. It empowers local legislators to work on a global agenda when legislating for their community.

  • Prioritize the role of the local parliamentarian, beginning with professional training on the 2030 Agenda, ensuring, thus, their contribution to the realization of the Agenda for sustainable development through the localization of the SDGs in the deliberative process and local regulations.

  • Promote and build consensus by ensuring the participation of all relevant actors so that no one is left behind.

  • Empower citizens by allowing their contribution to 2030 Agenda to be effective from the area of greater contact and democratic participation: the Local Parliament.

The Network has ordinances in SDG and addresses four areas of action:


  • Access to Food,

  • Habitat and Local Development;

  • Women 2030; as well as

  • Youth and Children 2030 (Managers for Culture of Peace and Resilience).

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