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Did you know that what you do today will have an important impact in the future? Have you thought about how you want that future to be? Your actions can make a difference in building a better future for the people and the planet, with unique opportunities to create sustainable economic value.

Identifying, understanding, and localizing the SDGs, allows us to have a strategy that encapsulates resources effectively and comprehensively, generating greater added value to each public, private, or civil society organization - from efficient productivity to greater reputation and impact on public policy.

At Smartly Social Entreprise on the SDGs, we are willing to help you live this experience, to walk the path that allows you to show your potential to the world.


Our work aims to empower and educate people on the ​​SDGs, which will allow them to assess the objectives set out and implement these goals in their daily lives in pursuit of their realization. Our purpose is to promote awareness and provide the tools and knowledge related to the SDGs, through our advisory services and training so that the 2030 Agenda becomes a reality.

We provide consultancy services that guide the process of localizing the SDGs within the public and private sectors (global companies and start-ups). We also engage in new projects to help link the SDGs to their strategy and plan of action, with a focus on the 2030 Agenda.  

  • Advice on localization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Workshops on the SDGs.

  • Collaborative partnerships. Facilitators of institutional liaison.

  • Project Management


At Smartly we understand communication as a vehicle to meet the demands and interpret the needs of those interested in working with us. We do so within the framework of new global paradigms, in a context of sustainability in which we successfully combine the requirements of large organizations as well as smaller entities, individual actors and start-ups.

We use technological tools, through multiple platforms, to maximize the impact of the actions carried out and share best practices. With creative editors, communicators, community managers, audiovisual developers, political experts in political marketing, and image specialists in our team, we provide our expertise in each project.   


  • Campaigns and communication plans. 

  • Social media. 

  • Web development. 

  • Audiovisual design. 

  • Media clipping. 

  • Creative writing. 

  • Style editing and correction. 

  • Photography and image. 

  • Curatorship and launch campaigns.

Find our online training on Induction to the SDGs; Leadership 2030, among others

UN Habitat World Urban Campaign. As Associate Partners of the UN Habitat World Urban Campaign, we organized the Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC)  in Mexico: Vibrant and Inclusive Urban Life with important speakers from Spain, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, South Africa, Ecuador, Guatemala, among others. The Campus was organized with the collaboration of the Federal Deputy Maria Chavez, Secretary of the Congress Housing Commission of Mexico, among other allies. (Report UTC Mx ).


Urban Journalism Academy of UN Habitat: Smartly was chosen by UN Habitat to plan and develop the relaunching of the Urban Journalist Academy in Buenos Aires and Mexico.

Report UJA BA

Report México

International Council for Small Business (ICSB). Online development of new website, advice on graphic design, style and communication strategy. Digital content proposal. Media coverage in Washington and New York. Writing, photography and recording services at the Entrepreneurship Forum held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York (May 2018).

Report annual 2020

Report annual 2019

United Nations: Internal and external communication plan for CIFAL Global Network which belongs to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), adhering to the communicational criteria of the central office in Geneva. Diagnosis and analysis of the external communication of the CIFAL Global Network (websites and fanpage of each of the 16 CIFAL Centers). Adaptation of digital communication of the CIFAL Centers. Conceptualization of the CIFAL Global Network website (CIFAL Global Network). Creation and launch of the Fanpage of the Global Network CIFAL, with contents in English and Spanish. Daily maintenance of the platform. News on activities of the Network (in English and Spanish). Photo editing, style correction of fanpage. Previously launched at the CIFAL Center, in Argentina, in September 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Call for institutions and media. Press and media campaigns.

MSMEs: Online seminar on Sustainable Development in key Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises. Services in design, content writing, editing and on time delivery.

Institute of Strategic Studies of Buenos Aires (IEEBA): Advisory services on communication and visual content. Online development of the new website and social media plan. Image design, institutional photography. Curatorship of editorial content and global launch of the new Institute’s page.

Dogma Solutions: Induction Seminar on Sustainable Development: tools to incorporate the SDGs into the corporate strategy of the firm.

Sure Brandesign: Curated the first exhibition of the visual artist, Diego Giaccone,  manager of the company "The Art in the Heart of Brands", which took place in November 2017 at the Argentine Consulate in New York.

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