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Juan Pablo Bonilla

Smartly Youth- Antigua Guatemala

Expert in Ibero-American Agenda on the SDGs

Institutional Liaison of the Technical Administrative Secretariat of the Local Parliaments Network on the SDGs


Acknowledgement received as an international activist in Ibero-America. Iberoamerican Youth Forum, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala - November 2018

Young Regional Leader. Central American Meeting of Emerging Leaders, 2018. Esquipulas Foundation - Guatemala City, Guatemala - October 2018

Youth 2030. International Youth Organization, Medellín, Colombia - June 2018

International Conference Speaker

Iberoamerican Youth Forum. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala.

Guatemala on the move: urbanism for development. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

World Summit of Public Policies. Salta, Argentina

Forum of Young Leaders of the Southern Cone, Salta, Argentina.

Esquipulas Regional Forum: towards a new development model. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Equity and Integration Rosario, Argentina

Connected Societies. National Congress of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Towards a Latin American youth agenda. Cordoba Argentina.

Ibero-American Summit on Democracy and Entrepreneurship. Bogota Colombia.


Professional Career

Political Consultant and internal processes

Academic Coordinator of the World Summit on Public Policies

Founding Member and Former President (2015-2016) of the International Young Iberoamerican Network

Junior Consultant at Microsoft

Administrative positions in purchases and logistics in transnational companies such as Molinos Modernos and BAC, Credomatic Network


Training and Academia

Master's Degree in Latin American Integration (currently studying), UNLP

Specialization in Integration Policies (completed, elaborating TFI), UNLP

Visiting Professor of Transnational Politics at the Catholic University of La Plata

Group of Young Researchers, Institute of International Relations, UNLP

Bachelors in Diplomacy and International Relations (with honors), Galileo University, Guatemala

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